10 Diva Tress Tamers

 - Oct 19, 2008   Updated: Jun 16 2011
The Jenny's Gift and Fine Art online store features a collection of artsy and beautifully decorated hair brushes among its merchandise.

The brushes come with very colorful drawings on the back designed to channel the diva in women.

Hairbrushes with names such as Bath Diva Hairbrush, Femme Fatale Hairbrush, and Bling Diva Hairbrush are just a few of the fun brushes you can find in this colorful collection.

Implications - Now that the economic downturn has come and gone, consumers are feeling jubilant about their long-term prosperity. These consumers are looking for tangible ways to express these feelings even if they are on a limited budget. Adding decoration to an everyday object is the perfect way to motivate these consumers to make a purchase.