- Apr 22, 2011
These surrealistic ads show that incorporating fantasy into your advertising strategy can give you a strategic advantage due to its incredibly artistic and creative nature and make any audience keen to view your ads.

From Surreal Skydiving Commercials powerfully promoting the experience of human flight to TBWA's futuristic vodka ads, pieces in this collection capture the effectiveness of surrealism in advertising and encourages marketers and advertising agencies to follow the powerful pattern. Those who have already embraced surrealistic ads, like Romain Laurent, Yeva Babayan, and Armands Leitis Ad Agency, are on the cutting edge of innovation.

Embraced in everything from fashion and chocolate to sports and investments, surrealistic ads are the way to go when looking to differentiate a company.

A Powerful Ad Technique from Gravity-Defying Ads to Surreal Ad Photography: