- Feb 8, 2014
To stay on top of our dental hygiene, it’s not unusual to brush our teeth with a standard toothbrush. These quirky and unconventional toothbrushes take dental care to a brand new world.

Some of us have plain, state of the art toothbrushes that do no more than make sure we have our pearly whites looking their very best. However, some of these intricately designed toothbrushes take dental hygiene to the tech world with toothbrushes that can track your dental health and provide stats while you brush or even sing you a tune to pass the time. Some of these brushes even bare weird and wacky designs to appeal to the kids who aren't so dedicated to taking care of their teeth.

These wild brushes make dental care absolutely quirky, fun and a tad bit offbeat.

These Paculiar Toothbrushes Take Dental Hygiene to Another Level: