The TTone Interaction Toothbrush Makes Teeth-Cleaning Entertaining Too

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: tuvie
Tasks such as tooth-brushing are considered chores to children, so bringing a TTone Interaction Toothbrush into the bathroom could result in many benefits at bedtime for parents and kids alike. This clever oral hygiene implement plays music while you use it, turning a tedious process into a fun one.

Pull the bottom down to activate it and push it back in to switch it off. The amazing thing about Nien-Fu Chen's concept is that it does not require batteries to operate. The apparatus harnesses the kinetic energy from its young users' brushing motions and this is what powers its musical capacity. Another unique feature of the TTone Interaction Toothbrush is that its bristled heads function as melody cartridges. Each replacement gives you a brand new tune to hum while you scrub that plaque away each day.