Goodwell Designs a Modern Oral Toolkit that Will Last a Lifetime

 - Nov 12, 2014
References: thegoodwellcompany & fastcodesign
There are many ways in which people produce unnecessary waste on a daily basis, Goodwell addresses one of them. Goodwell is a company based in Portland, Oregon, and founded by Patrick Triato, an engineer and industrial designer who has been working in the consumer goods and houseware industry for over 20 years. Under the umbrella of Goodwell, he has created a modern oral toolkit that is meant to last a lifetime, thus replacing the typical plastic design that is thrown out every few months.

It comes with an aluminum handle and three interchangeable heads that can be composted when they begin to fray. The handle, toothbrush head, flosser and tongue scraper are packed in a clean case that boasts a secret compartment for something additional.