The Perfect 03:00 Portable Toothbrush Encourages Thoroughness

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: & yankodesign
When it comes to oral health, frequency of brushing your pearly whites doesn't necessarily prevent you from getting cavities and having excess tartar buildup. The Perfect 03:00 Portable Toothbrush has been designed to afford accessibility, of course, but thoroughness is really what it pushes.

Lee Ji Hyeon and Jung Han Gyul have come up with a mechanical toothbrush that can be enclosed within the its own capsular handle, allowing you to easily carry it to campus, to work and wherever else you might like to use it. A loop on one end lets you hang it up conveniently. When you're ready to get scrubbing, that little ring requires a pull. This activates a 3-minute timer on the Perfect 03:00 Portable Toothbrush to encourage you to be meticulous with your molars.