The Soladey J3-X Keeps Your Mouth Clean and Green

 - Aug 30, 2010
References: physorg & uniquedaily
I guarantee that the Soladey J3-X will be the most amazing toothbrush you read about all day. This toothbrush uses solar power to kill bacteria and germs in your mouth. Toothpaste, take a hike.

The Soladey J3-X was invented by Dr. Gerry Uswak and Kunio Komiyama. The toothbrush uses solar power from the base of the brush to transmit electrons to the top of the brush. The electrons react with the acid in the mouth, killing off plaque and bacteria in the process.

The Soladey J3-X doesn’t need much sunlight, so it can operate just about anywhere. The future of oral hygiene just got sunnier.