From Wicked Gamer Washrooms to Booze Bathroom Decor

 - Aug 16, 2013
These DIY bathroom decor ideas are offering some creative alternatives for people looking to outfit their washrooms with quirky and unique designs.

Since bathrooms are often considered very private places where you can engage in hygienic activities, most homeowners resist the urge to spend copious amounts of money on decor and styling. These DIY projects however, are offering individuals the chance to spruce up their ordinary washrooms with quirky designs and humorous references, turning the area into something much more personalized. From washroom wall decals that resemble retro video game characters to customized shower curtains and cork-made bath mats, these DIY bathroom decor ideas will definitely give you some creative tips on what you can do.

A great way to turn a boring and mundane space into something more entertaining and uplifting, these DIY decor ideas will surely have your bathroom feeling more like home in no time.