The Zambesi Toothbrush Promises Natural Mouth Maintenance

Designed by Tobias Held, the Zambesi Toothbrush is a redesign of the modern teeth cleaning implement that benefits from traditional knowledge. Made from twigs and biological plastics, this utensil is eco-friendly, ergonomic and quite successful at doing its job.

Tobias made use of miswak, which comes from the Arabic Salvadora Persica tree. This plant's sprigs have been recognized for their medicinal properties that have made them valuable tools for oral health. The organic material was used to create bristles on the end of the Zambesi Toothbrush, embedded securely in a round bunch.

The sinuous handle of the implement broadens and curves gently so that it's quite comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand. Its recyclability and its natural composition make this product ideal for those who are environmentally conscious.