These Toothbrush Sculptures Replace Bristles with Teeth

 - Oct 19, 2013
References: gaelle-faure & inewidea
A french artist by the name of Gaelle is behind this cringe-worthy toothbrush sculpture. In this piece, he takes a regular toothbrush and replaces the bristles with what appear to be teeth. There's something extremely off-putting about this sculpture. It might be the fact that Gaelle takes a tool used to maintain good hygiene and turns it into something completely unhygienic. I can say with confidence that most people would rather not put this bizarre toothbrush anywhere near their mouth.

Essentially, the artist has created a literal toothbrush, which is an interesting concept. This toothy artwork has been placed in an open wooden box. The handle is a bright baby blue color, and from a distance it looks much like any other toothbrush. Up close however, this dental care inspired piece is enough to make anyone shudder.