The Toothbrush by Default is at Once Good-Looking and Practical

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: indiegogo & fastcodesign
It is interesting to note that the toothbrush, an object we use multiple times a day, is still largely lacking in the style department; enter the toothbrush by Default, a design firm based in New York City. It bridges the gap between chic teeth cleaners and the tacky ones found on the shelves of drugstores. At once practical and good-looking, the toothbrush by Default is also customizable to ensure people get exactly what they want to last, hopefully, a lifetime.

The toothbrush by Default is a sleek, cylindrical product that has an interchangeable handle. It can also be upgraded to include a vibration mode for deeper cleaning. A person can also sign up for a subscription head to receive a new one every three months.