- Jan 8, 2009
Orange is used for clown hair and comic book characters. It makes for bad knock, knock jokes-- orange ya glad, followed by the groaner punchline.

Orange wasn’t always a joke, however. In Elizabethan times, it was a color of courage. Several royal and noble families in the Netherlands, France and England also use the name, "Orange."

I’m a redhead. Ever since I was little, people have called me "red." They also referred to me as "carrot top," which is confusing since carrots are orange. I’ve been called other things, not all of them are fit to repeat, but no one has ever called me "orange." I wonder, why?

Orange is a perfectly respectable color, but it doesn’t often get its due.

To remedy this sad situation, I’ve gleaned interesting bits of orange from the Trend Hunter annals and plunked them into the cluster below.

You deserve a little orange cheer.

A Collected Concentrate of Color: