Virtual Air Guitar

 - Oct 8, 2006
References: gizmag
We first published this article last December, but now there’s a video and that’s worth a revisit.

Air Guitar is already based on the idea of ‘Pretending’, so why not extend the concept one step further?  Plus you get to wear funky orange gloves so the computer can track your hand movements.

"You can’t play any "wrong" chords here - they have been pre-selected for you. When you’re ready, press the switch pedal to change from chord mode to solo mode and you suddenly have a pentatonic minor scale on the three top strings, with fret slides and vibrato. Play hard enough with feeling, and you start getting screaming distortions. It’s easy enough that you can pick it up in ten seconds, but especially the solo mode has just enough freedom for every solo to be different." - GizMag