Weird Wearable Ways to Make or Enjoy Music

 - Jan 27, 2009
These pieces of interactive musical fashion prove that making music is an innate talent shared by all. Sure, you could buy an instrument, practice for hours, take lessons, and anger your roommates to make real music, but we think the digital, wearable version of making and enjoying music is far more fun.

If you clamor towards the drum set to play ‘Rock Band,’ try the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt on for size. If you’re more concerned with shredding out a sweet guitar solo, the Air Guitar Shirt can translate your motions into music. And if you see yourself as more of a piano man, donning a set of Piano Hands gloves won’t faithfully replicate the feel of playing on a baby grand, but they will make it possible to rock out anywhere at any time.

We even have a few selections for those who prefer to be geeky without actually playing music. The T-Qualizer shirts and Bassglow wrist cuffs are perfect for these individuals, as they react to the ambient music rather than create it.