Grobag Egg Changes Color To Monitor Room Temperature

The Grobag Egg lets you know the temperature of a room at a glance by changing color.

Parents have to make sure that the temperature in the baby's room is neither too hot nor too cold. This can often mean going to check the baby several times throughout the night, touching their forehead or their belly. Because babies can be such light sleepers, this often requires ninja-like stealth to avoid waking the baby.

Now there is no need as the Grobag Egg Thermometer can be placed on the table next to the baby and will emit a certain color depending on the temperature of the room. Blue for too cold, yellow for ideal, orange for warm and red for too hot. You can keep a safe distance and know immediately whether you need to put the heating on or turn it down.

The only danger is that it can become an obsession sneaking into the room twenty times a night to make sure the egg is glowing the right color.