- Dec 19, 2009   Updated: May 4 2011
These innovative baby gifts prove that this next generation is growing up immersed with technology and rule-breaking design ideas, and with that, incredible opportunity.

It's hard to narrow down specific baby gift trends since the demands of mothers-to-be are changing so quickly, but expecting parentsâ€"and friends of the expectingâ€"will certainly find inspiration from the diversity of this baby gift guide.

Implications - Parents have a ton to choose from when it comes to gifts for their babies. Celebrity toddlers have helped set the standard for clothes and accessories due to their famous parents tastes. This in turn has inspired different brands to take what they see in paparazzi magazines and transform them into affordable outfits for the average joe to buy. From unusual pillows to infant facial hair, there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

From Self-Heating Baby Bottles to Fortune-Telling Baby Socks: