BabyBangs Give Instant Hair to Bald Baby Girls

 - Mar 11, 2009
References: youtube & babybangshairband
Any parent with a baby daughter whose hair is slow-growing or non-existent has undoubtedly encountered a stranger who says, "What’s his name?" or "What a cute little guy!" BabyBangs were designed with that common occurrence in mind. One of the company’s taglines is "I’m not a boy," and their innovative product helps little princesses to make that clear.

BabyBangs are actually not hair extensions in the true sense, but ready-to-wear accessories consisting of dainty hairbands with faux hair attached. The product fits over the baby’s head like a cap. The "hair" strands are made of a monofiber called Kanekalon, which the company claims is as soft as silk. 

Available in 5 headband styles and 6 color selections, the company says the product is lightweight and fits comfortably against the baby’s delicate skin.

Currently, there is a patent pending on the product and the company is gearing up to market it. So, when you see a baby with a thick, flowing head of hair, you may have to a ask yourself… is it real, or is it BabyBangs?