Hostling Slings

 - Sep 22, 2008
References: gizmodiva
Who would want to walk around with loose clothes to hide your post mummy tummy when you can stay fashionable carrying your baby around with a fashionable sling carrier? Hostling presented these fantastic portable baby pouches at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas as part of their fall 2008 line.

The stylish baby carriers come in a wide range of vibrant colors for baby girls. Most of them have flowery and feminine patterns, but there are other designs for the opposite sex too. Since they are baby carriers, they are specifically designed to be comfortable and most importantly, to keep your baby safe. The design also lets you do other chores without putting your baby down.

Stylish mommy items like these prove that new parents can stay fashionable. Moms and dads no longer have to compromise their fashion sense as they do their jobs as parents.