Martha Stewart's BabyBanquet

 - Oct 8, 2008
References: marthastewart & seriouseats
In one of Martha Stewart's more bizarre TV episodes, she lays out a baby banquet. The young babies were dressed in the food inspired Halloween costumes made by Isabele Ortley.

The most vividly clad had to be the lobster baby. Then there was the lemon meringue pie baby who was actively kicking his legs. The cute one dressed as an apple pie was so exhausted with all the lights and cameras shining down, the baby passed out, and also in the episode, "Sonya is having a little bit of a hard time being a Caesar salad. She really wanted to be a pie."

The designer even demonstrated how to dress your baby as a succulent roast turkey on a platter in the second half of the video, just in case you were considering having your very own tasty baby.