The Lunar Baby Thermometer

Zen: it’s the best way to describe it. We’ve all had a parent touch our foreheads to see if we have a fever. Designer Duck Young Kong has wed the loving touch of a parent with technology in his uber-elegant Lunar Baby Thermometer.

It’s not as high tech as taking temperature through the ear, not as Norman Rockwell as taking it orally, and definitely not humiliating like rectally. But, it’s simple and human!

"Checking the temperature by scanning the forehead with this device is easier and faster, since it eliminates the need to insert an external tool while holding them in a still position," the designer says.

"After simply placing the device on the forehead, a beeping sound followed by a flashing LED alerts the user when it is done. In addition, the user can clearly see the temperature on the LCD screen, while holding the device to their baby [or sick little kid]."

This is the creme brulee of the temperature taking world…