- Oct 21, 2010   Updated: Jun 24 2011
Rumors have been buzzing like a frenzy as people are highly speculating the Beyonce and Jay-Z pregnancy.

If it is true that these chart-topping all-stars may be expecting a baby it might just be time that Beyonce starts getting inspired by the latest in momtastic gear. From pregnant performances to belly tattoos, Beyonce and Jay-Z can be well-prepared to rock out with their first child.

Implications - In today's society, there are more baby items than you can possibly imagine, some being completely adorable while others are completely bizarre. Ultrasound maternity shirts, couture baby carriers, doodled sonograms and USB pregnancy tests are just some of the wild baby innovations you will come across. Hopefully Beyonce and Jay-Z will check out all of the articles too!

Inspired by Speculation about the Beyonce and Jay-Z Pregnancy: