Nadya Suleman and Her Babies Spoofed in the 'Octo-Mom Song'

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: latimesblogs.latimes
Nadya Suleman, the now infamous mother of octuplets, has become the inspiration for a new YouTube spoof with major viral potential. We knew it would happen, and frankly, it's surprisingly it took this long.

The VenetianPrincess (Jodie Rivera, a.k.a. Missy Lil' Dingle), had a lot of different angles to work from. First there's the physical appearance of Suleman being pregnant with 8 babies at once. Then there's the fact that her house now includes 14 little ones of her very own. Factor in the fact that she's allegedly such a big fan of supermom Angelina Jolie that she had plastic surgery to look like her, and this momma's got a whole lot more to spoof than a simple story about popping out octuplets.

The Octomom song, or 'baby poppin' pro,' video includes a clip of the octuplets being delivered by a baseball mitt-wielding nurse and harsh lyrics:

"She had complications: Childhood aspirations. That's her explanation. Pops 'em out like a toaster! Needs a passafire holster! And a pimped out stretch stroller! She's a food stamp high roller!"

The octuplets spoof video launched Feb. 15 and has since had 291,633 views. Check it out above.