From Suave Drinking Guides to Simplistic Swashbuckler Tutorials

 - Sep 30, 2011
Life can be pretty difficult to handle at times, especially if you don't have the right knowledge to confront unexpected situations, which is why this list of ludicrous life lessons will keep you informed about every little subject out there.

The Internet has become an infinite window of knowledge of the world, which explains why there's an immense list of guides and handbooks that fulfill every gap of your education. Some of these tutorials are simply hilarious, packed with irony and parody. You can find these life instructions in different formats like infographics, books and video tutorial. The topics are endless, from how to survive a lonely night to a marital ceremony.

People are increasingly using the web to learn more about social behavior and to answer questions about topics that are not always easy to discuss with family and friends. There are serious guides and there are funny guides, like the ones in this gallery, that mock everyday life situations to provide silly answers that help everyone to graciously fit into society.