Learn Chewbacca's Language with 'How to Speak Wookiee'

 - Sep 17, 2011
References: chroniclebooks & ohgizmo
I never could understand how Han Solo and Chewbacca ever communicated, mainly because of Chewie; however, with the 'How to Speak Wookiee' book, the mystery may be solved once and for all.

Chances are, anyone who has tried to understand what Chewbacca is saying has failed. After all, it's just a series of growls and yells right? With How to Speak Wookiee, fans of Star Wars may finally be able to understand what the big furry creature is saying after all without the help of Han Solo. The book was written by Wu Kee Smith, who has helpfully put out ten key phrases, as well as the proper way to pronounce all of them. This also features a soundboard so that readers can hear how to correctly pronounce what they're learning!