From Augmented Reality Fairytales to Educational Touchscreens

 - Jan 16, 2014
These storybooks for kids help to cover some new challenges that are being introduced to parenting, like social media and the use of cellphones and other digital devices from very early ages. As well as some of these new issues, these storybooks also tackle new kinds of ways for kids to learn to read and write, that are just as fun as they are educational.

Some of these books are still printed on paper, but a lot of them are also being introduced as apps. One particularly interesting book is ‘Leo The Maker Prince’ by Carla Diana, which introduces kids to 3D printing by including the templates for characters and other objects from the story, so that they can get a first hand sense of how it works.

Many of these apps and even printed storybooks also offer customization, which is exciting for kids because they’re more likely to be engaged in a story’s content if they can make it their own.