QR Code Storybooks Are the Way of the Future

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: karmamedia.eu
While we are pondering the social effects of being always online and the changes of content consumption habits, a generation is silently growing up -- one that finds nothing revolutionary in the convergence of media formats and intermediality. They are the ones who expect a fairytale to come alive and talk to them. This has now been made possible with QR Code Storybooks.

In this latest augmented reality and publishing project, a version of a fairytale Sesame Street fairytale targeted to three to five-year-olds was released. In the book, there are hidden videos in the form of QR codes. The children can activate the codes just as easily as they have mastered the use of touchscreen devices (before even their own parents did).

We created unique, colorful QR codes for each page of the book, with the character in the video appearing on the code itself. The codes can be read with any QR reader application. The experience can be enjoyed with almost any type of modern smartphone. The codes were applied to the book post-publishing, so this type of augmented storybook can even be created at home.