#SongTitlesasTwitterTips Lampoons the Endless Stream of Twitter Tips

 - Oct 24, 2009
References: twitter
If you've spent any time on Twitter in the past 12 hours, it's likely that you've heard a bit about the #songtitlesastwittertips meme. This phenomenon plays off of the ever-present stream of Twitter tips users of the microblogging site love to share, and replaces these Twitter tips with the titles of songs.

It's amazing how many of the #songtitlesastwittertips submissions could pass for actual Twitter tips. How about "You Say it Best When You Say Nothing at All," or "Keep it Simple"? Or "Cut to the Chase," "You Get What You Give" and "Are You Sincere"?

I'm most enamored with Darren Rowse's submission to the #songtitlesastwittertips meme, though: "It's the End of the World As We Know It."