From Profane Playbook Pads to Subversive Cross Stitch

 - Jun 11, 2012
It seems that society has a growing and passionate affection for rude, profane and crude innovations, product and advertisements. Curse words have come to saturate and infuse themselves in everyday conversations, in which profanities are used throughout every two words with stunning consistency. These products pay homage and take heed of this foul-mouthed fact through the clever integration of swear words and immoral insinuation -- I'm talking words that would make your poor grams blush.

There has been an increasingly popular movement towards swearing like a sailor, cussing like a cowboy and using profanity like a pimp. This shift towards a more free use of our vulgar vocabulary might reflect a more relaxed sense of humor, a need to constantly shock one another and a way to destress

Now you can add a crude touch to your notebooks, passport -- I would strongly recommend against this -- , rain-gear and even your holiday greeting cards. With these crude finds you'll no longer need to use your mouth to swear, simply hold up your rudely remarking product and let it do all the talking.