'I'm CEO...Bitch!' Card Case Show Others Who's Boss

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: shop.coolmaterial & coolmaterial
If you want to make a memorable impression in a business meeting, it's all about theatrics and flashiness. Or, it can be simple and profane such as this 'I'm CEO...Bitch!' Card Case.

With the 'I'm CEO...Bitch!' Card Case, you're bluntly telling potential partners who's boss. Is it Bob in accounting? Is it Pam in human resources? Nope, because with this item, you're informing everyone that you're the big cheese, the big man on campus or whatever egotistical phrasing that comes to mind. This item is available in shiny black or silver, but let's be honest, it's the three words printed out front that'll be the main attraction.

The next time someone asks you who the boss is, display the case and tell them "I'm CEO...Bitch" -- yeah, you are!