The Lara Stone CK One Billboard May Say the F-Word

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: fashioncopious.typepad & refinery29
Fashion ad campaigns are becoming racier and racier, from blatant sexual suggestions to more controversial mutterings like the Lara Stone CK One billboard ad. The people of New York City are claiming that this ad spells out the F-word -- subliminally, of course.

Let me break it down for you. As you look at the Lara Stone CK One billboard ad campaign, you'll see the obvious "CK" first and then try to find the other letters. The missing "F" and "U" are actually disguised within the scene. Behind Stone resides a half-hidden table that acts as the "F." The "U" is cleverly seen as Stone's bikini top.

When strung together, it does appear that the Lara Stone CK One billboard ad is dropping the F-Bomb. See if you can uncover it yourself.