- Jan 28, 2013
Even though hippie culture reached its cultural peak in the 1970s, this collection of Hot Hippie Photo Shoots proves that the fashion and attitude associated with the flower child era is far from over.

One of the most surprising things about the Hot Hippie editorials featured in this collection is the staggering amount of diversity these free-spirit fashions take. From Bohemian Angel Shoots to Travel Story Lookbooks, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the kind of style Hot Hippie Photoshoots can provide.

My favorite photo series of these Hot Hippie editorials is Colorful Desert Hippie Couture. One of the major criticisms (and easy jokes) made about hippies in the 70s was that they were uncleanly, unimportant and devoid of class. This editorial shows us how we can reappropriate Hot Hippie style for a 21st century audience, upgrading free-spirit fashion to the high-minded world of haute couture.

From Funky Bohemian Lookbooks to Eclectic Hipster Editorials: