The Elisa Raats Marie Claire France Shoot is Flowy

The Elisa Raats Marie Claire France editorial, featuring the model rocking long, blonde and flowing hair, is a breakaway from some of the sleeker looks seen in chic magazines. Modeling an assortment of sophisticated and tailored jackets, the wild, wavy-haired model's mane provides an interesting contrast.

The natural beauty style that is featured in the shoot is reminiscent of the 1970s free-love hippie fashions that have made their way back to relevance with the emergence of boho-chic. The mix of boho-chic and sophisticated fashion in this shoot is a fascinating and unexpected mash-up. With classically tailored shirts and jackets, the accentuating accessories that bring some edge and hard-rock glamour are an unusual pairing, but incredibly glamourous and chic nevertheless.