The ‘I Love Fake' 2011 Pictorials are Charged With Nostalgia

The ‘I Love Fake' 2011 editorial is full of love in teenage wasteland. Founded by Jolijn Snijders, the digital magazine is a celebration of youth, beauty and fashion. Jolijn is a well-known photographer who has shot for publications such as Nylon, Rolling Stone, Vogue Hommes Japan and Elle.

Her latest editorial has all the ingredients to appeal to the younger crowd: freedom, youth and sensuality. A young couple is the subject of the shoot, and their secrets and existential crises are constantly transmitted to readers. Shot in black and white with touches of dull color, every image has a hippie tone to it that is furthered by the lovers’ ensembles and carefree attitude. Readers are witnesses of a passionate story where kissing, smoking, talking and sleeping are presented in a fashionable way to allure viewers into the photoshoot.

Lensed by Christophe Kutner, models Coco Young and Marcel Castenmiller make the 'I love Fake' 2011 issue a representation of the sexual revolution of the 21st Century.