The Language Schools: Finger Ad is Quietly Humorous

 - May 25, 2011
References: scaryideas & adsoftheworld
Made for the American Cultural Associations of Language Schools, this Language Schools: Finger ad demonstrates the importance of language rather than relying on other substitutes for communication.

A first glance at the Language Schools: Finger ad may have you missing the point as well. Instinctively, consumers will read the subtitles at the bottom, regardless if they speak the language presented or not. According to Ads of the World, the words say "Don't miss the movie while following the subtitles." Another look at the picture will have the reader realize the classic image has been altered with the use of the middle finger.

Using subtle humor, the Language Schools: Finger ad is a perfect example of advertising that draws you in and keeps you there until the message is clear.