The Mark McNairy Squares Promote Blaspheming Menswear

New York-based fashion designer Mark McNairy has produced a collection of daring pocket squares. Although the fabric trimmings have seldom been used to deliver profane messages, these loaded pieces of cloth have been embossed with brazen "F*ck Off" memos etched out in white.

The cursing McNairy pocket squares offer a sneaky way to deliver brazen missives. Though the F*ck Off statement is stitched across the front, effectively offsetting the bold-colored fabric choices, it is also meant to be tucked into menswear pockets. As such, these defiant fashion pieces may be masked. Alternatively, if one is having a rebellious or rather troublesome day, the McNairy style has made it possible to exhibit a little disobedience. And while this mod display may not be appropriate for work settings, it can be worked into some more in-your-face nighttime looks.