The Death of Manners Infographic Contains a Sad Truth

The Death of Manners Infographic uses facts to show that etiquette is a dying concept. It would appear that as society moves foward, manners move backwards twice as fast.

However, the infographic isn't just referring to your basic "please and thank you." Drivers seem to have lost their personal conduct on the road, with 81% of people using cell phones while driving and 60% being aggressive drivers. Even on airplanes, passengers don't bathe before getting on and little children scream and kick the back of seats. One reason people are getting ruder may be becuase it pays off; impolite women earn $2,000 more than well-mannered women and ruder men make $10,000 more than nice guys.

The Death of Manners Infographic contains some depressing truths, but hopefully manners can make a comeback before they fade away forever.