This Bundaberg Five Campaign has an Edgy Sense of Humor

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
It's clear to me that I am not the target consumer for this Bundaberg Five campaign, and that the young man is rather the focus of this advertising effort. Two men in their late 20s or early 30s are each featured in one of these prints, demonstrating quite casually -- and unusually -- a couple of qualities associated with the distilled sugarcane liquor.

The first pictures a smug-looking guy in a lavishly ornamental bed with two dolphins. The message that accompanies this print reads "Raw like the sashimi of rum." In the second print a youthful amputee is captured, holding a glass of Bundaberg Rum in his prosthetic hand. "Filtered once for every finger you got," brings a controversial humor into this character's condition in the Bundaberg Five campaign by Leo Burnett of Sydney.