Sprint Firsts in Virtual Learning Tutorials

 - Sep 22, 2010
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Fashion how-to videos, YouTube makeup artists and virtual kissing lessons. Today we hunt: VIRTUTORIALS - Sprint firsts in virtual online tutorials.

Increased connectivity has spawned a more expansive arena of virtual learning, with lessons never before taught online or through traditional institutions. Unique virtual lessons appeal to both short attention spans and niche interests, and provide convenient and targeted learning to anyone with Internet access.

And now, the Sprint Top Ten.

10) Keep fit by joining the dark side with this Star Wars Tai Chi workout video. Don't worry, you don't need a light saber in order to participate.

9) This virtual explanation if the credit crisis is as fun as it is educational. Watching this video is the best way to bail yourself out of boredom.

8) This Fortnight Lingerie tutorial turns the Heimlich Maneuver into eye-catching course in super sexy CPR. This guy looks like he's done this before...

7) Lauren Luke is a YouTube superstar due to her step-by-step makeup guides which have received over 34 million views. Now you can find our how to get a look like Amy Winehouse or Leona Louis look in minutes flat.

6) If you love Final Fantasy and you love to cook, your jaw will drop at the site of this nerdtastic online cooking lesson. The dishes may be a little less impressive than Iron Chef, but the video has a lot of other things other than food to keep you watching.

5) Fora is a super chic Canadia blog that features makeup and style tutorials. While many of the pieces featured in the blog are a little pricey for your average penny-pincher, they are a great way to spark ideas for ensembles at a lower price point.

4) The humorous 'AnatoWii' website explores the faux anatomy of your Wii while walking you through a tutorial on the health benefits of using your Wii system. Now you have a valid reason not to neglect your gaming.

3) If you're worried about that first kiss with a special someone, this virtual kissing lesson will put your fears to rest. Remember, practice makes perfect.

2) The controversy surrounding American Apparel hasn't stopped them from leading the way in retail. These YouTube style movies show consumers how to wear their vast array of versatile products.

1) If Pizza Hut is your favorite place to grab a slice, take a few minutes out of your day to learn 'The Pizza Hut Dance.' These Korean girls break down their moves so that anyone can express their love for the snack food!

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