Find Your Way Through the Galaxy with the Garmin Star Wars Voices

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: shop.spotitout & ubergizmo
Star Wars fans, if you there’s one thing you must get to add to your stellar collection then it has to be the Garmin Star Wars Voices for your car.

Those of you who drive with a GPS system on are probably sick of the monotonous robotic voice that gives you the directions. Ditch it and install the Garmin Star Wars Voices instead. What you’ll get out of this is Darth Vader or Yoda (depending on purchase) helping you navigate the roads. The best part is that the voices are accompanied by Star Wars music as well just to add that extra bit of entertainment. Of course, this only works with Garmin’s systems which you can easily download the files into. Having seen this now, I wonder how funny it’d be if they made one featuring Chewbacca -- you’d probably never get anywhere though.