'Types of Drunks' Highlights People to Expect at Parties

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: youtube & buzzfeed
I’m fairly ashamed to say that I’ve been a criss cross of some of the drunken persona highlighted in the ‘Types of Drunks’ video clip—but then again, hasn’t everyone else?

The duo of Kiarash Reghabi and Christian Pierce directed and wrote ‘Types of Drunks,’ which is basically a quick tutorial of personalities anyone can expect at a party. Considering how many different drunks there are, I’d say they did a good job of covering the basics. There’s the standard orator who always talks about how drunk they are, followed by a list of booze they’ve ingested into their body. There’s the "vultures" who ninjas booze for themselves. Of course, there’s the "bro" who fist pumps, wears sunglasses indoors (not even ironically) and calls you things like "DUUUUDE" or "BRAH" -- endearingly, of course.

So, which one are you?