The 'Using Body Language to Be More Attractive' Infographic Finds Love

If you're struggling to find love, this 'Using Body Language to Be More Attractive' infographic might be for you! The guide was written by Joe Morris, a certified relationship specialist whose most recent career move is helping singles optimize their online dating profiles to attract the ideal partner. It's no secret that non-verbal cues can be equally, if not more important to the art of seduction as verbal ones, so this graphic breaks down the many ways the body communicates.

From the smile, to the length of eye contact and posture, each of these elements contribute to confidence and attraction and can make or break your romantic and sexual experience. According to Morris, approximately 55% of communication with a potential romantic partner is made before you say anything, so singles, it's essential to master every detail before your next attempt.

Implications - The rise of the Internet has brought about new methods of meeting potential romantic partners online, and eventually in person. Consumers and users of these sites who are looking for love are often victims of strings of failed relationships, and guides and relationship specialists adopt pivotal roles in helping them move forward and find success.