This Adventurous Wedding is Not for the Faint of Heart

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: johnlloydphoto & mymodernmet
Jamie Halperin and her fiancee David Lamb decided to do away with tradition in favor of having an exhilarating rock climbing wedding.

The couple were on opposite sides of the spectrum to start, with Lamb wanting a conventional ceremony, and Halperin not wanting a wedding at all. The two were able to agree on this adventurous affair in the end because not only did it look amazing, it was also more cost-effective than the alternative. The couple only spent a little over $11,000 on their special day.

Halperin and Lamb celebrated their love for one another by climbing a whopping 2,300 feet. Photographer John Lloyd was joined by videographer Dominic Gill to capture the beautiful ceremony on top of the mountain's peak -- as well as the journey it took to get there.