Leah Fasten's Photographs of Young Couples Will Make You Melt

 - Sep 20, 2014
References: leahfasten & featureshoot
San-Francisco based photographer Leah Fasten captures couples in love for her series 'Lovers in Dolores Park.'

You can tell when people are in love. Never mind the fact that they can't keep their hands off each other; they also seem to radiate this electrifying energy, one that comes off of them in waves, so that everyone around them can feel it. Intrigued by the phenomenon of young love, Fasten resolved to approach, and photograph, strangers expressing their obvious physical attraction to one another in the form of an embrace, kiss or a warmhearted look.

Fasten is well-acquainted with Dolores Park, a place she has been visiting for well over a decade. It has come to represent a place of leisure, youthfulness and love for her. With this series, Fasten hopes to capture a certain sense of nostalgia for a fleeting time period, and experience, that we can never recreate.