The Outrageous 'Kiss Filmed Inside Mouth' GIF Has Gone Viral

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: imgur & nerve
The 'kiss filmed inside mouth' GIF seen on imgur has gained outrageous inter-web fame and slightly disgusting people. The Reddit user MrRobotGotAGato posted the fascinatingly disgusting video of a kiss from the inside a mouth. The gif has received mixed reviews from viewers ranging from "that’s disgusting can you brush your teeth please" to "wow that’s such a cool view." The unique video was filmed from inside a mans mouth and shows what a kiss looks like from the inside. The GIF cuts of just in time before the kiss gets sloppier.

People are use to watching kisses filmed outside the body that its incredibly weird for some to watch it from inside. Some people more than others are grossed out by the slimy tongue infused kiss due to the common belief that the mouth is not hygienic. However, love it or hate it the kiss filmed inside mouth GIF is an interesting approach.