In This Series We See How Sharks are Hunted for Their Fins and Meat

 - Aug 3, 2014
References: thomaspeschak & featureshoot
Wanting to widen people's perspectives about these majestic underwater creatures, this shark photo series is trying to send a message that people and sharks can co-exist.

National Geographic photographer and marine biologist Thomas Peschak hopes to transform people's ideas of sharks as dark menacing creatures into animals worthy of respect and protection from the onslaught that happens to them on a daily basis -- 40 to 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins and meat with already 465 species of sharks on the brink of extinction.

"There is a hunger for knowledge about these animals and how they relate to our lives," says Peschak about the shark photo series.

Having traveled to more than two-dozen locations and encountering more than 30 different species of sharks, Pechak was able to complete his project.