The Youtubers from Smosh Played a Game of 'Boom Boom Balloon'

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: youtube
Smosh, the popular YouTube channel, recently released a video in which the team -- along with Shayne and Mari -- competed in a game called 'Boom Boom Balloon.' The challenge video highlights an intense test of luck and fortitude, with the final move constantly hanging in the balance.

In Boom Boom Balloon, players' only goal is to not be the one to pop a balloon. The balloon itself is encased in a simple plastic structure with a series of dull pins poking out from it. The pins can be pushed in one centimeter at a time, and players have to push in as many pins as they roll on a die. Whoever thus causes the balloon to pop is the loser.

In Smosh's game of Boom Boom Balloon, Anthony lost, and he had to hold a shock lighter for five seconds as a punishment.