The Awwa Sky Whale Airplane Design Launched at CES 2014

 - Jan 8, 2014
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The cool thing about concepts is that you get to go a little crazy with the design aspect and Awwa has that part down to a science with the ‘Sky Whale.’ It is a concept for the future of air travel but looks much more like a Star Trek spacecraft.

One of the biggest buzzwords of the decade is "green." Preserving the planet and cleaning up some of the messes we've already made is becoming a top priority for many businesses. The Sky Whale is looking to clean up the business of air travel from top to bottom with innovations like fuel and electric usage for power, active air flow and self-healing skin.

There are a lot of ‘could-be’ innovations on the plane but the wishful thinking, if planned out properly, could actually be a huge boost to the industry.