- Aug 29, 2015
Portable seats, tables and desks all save consumers from having to buy multiple versions in order to have one of each at the various locations life takes them. Whether it is an accessory that upgrades existing pieces of furniture, like a portable back support, or the very furniture itself, these portable pieces save owners money.

Two incredible examples of such clever designs are the 'Chair to Suitcase' and 'My Bag.' The first is, quite obviously, a line of portable seats that fold swiftly into suitcases, camouflaging even the process of its transportation. Second, 'My Bag' is also a suitcase, however this design magically becomes a portable sink!

Portability transforms these furniture pieces into multipurpose products, increasing their value and therefore their allure to consumers as well.

From Portable Seats to Suitcase-Containing Washbasins: