The Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset Has an Utterly Endearing Design

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: & ohgizmo
There's a limit to how small you'd really want your wireless earpiece to be, which is most likely one consideration that the designers had in mind when they came up with the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. They have ensured that the device itself is large enough not to lose, and that its charger is small enough to prioritize portability.

Beyond these two formal decisions, the creative team came up with a third. Instead of manufacturing an adapter with a cord to pump power back into the earpiece, they dreamed up a docking station that would actually contain the headphone-microphone gizmo.

This small stone-shaped dock has a gap molded into it, perfectly shaped for the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset to be popped inside. The brightly colored concept helps you keep track of your device, and with its cutting-edge specs you won't want to misplace this accessory.