From Bedazzled Hipster Jewelry to Floating Gem Necklaces

 - Dec 18, 2013
If you're sick and tired of all the simple and mundane jewelry pieces, then these overly embellished accessories will certainly satisfy any fashionista looking to add some over-the-top touches to their ensemble.

Jewelry pieces offer functional ways to add style and personality to an outfit, and while some people prefer a more subtle take to their accessory choices, these overly embellished designs are more for those who enjoy making a bold impression and standing out. These striking jewelry designs feature a range of flamboyant colors, bold geometric shapes, three-dimensional layouts and eye-catching themes, making these accessory pieces the perfect choice for anyone who desires something flashy and unique to wear.

From diamond-encrusted earrings to golden spiked necklaces and bedazzled bug brooches, these overly embellished accessories will surely transform any ordinary ensemble into an out of this world outfit.